Oiled Black Annealed Mild Steel Tie Wire Supplied in Continuous Coils or Straight Cut Length for Binding and Tying

Annealed Iron Wire Supplied in U Form


Annealed Wire is made of MS wire with standard wire diameter and uniform oxygen free vacuum annealing treatment. Aimlong annealed tie wire products are to exported to Turkey, Peru, India, England and other European countries. Soft annealed wire features good flexibility, uniform diameter and easy bending in uses. As tying wire, black annealed wire offers better tension and twisting force, compared with other kinds of wire materials without annealing process such as galvanized wire.

The annealing of bare wire (wire which has simply been drawn) can be carried out in batches (bell-type furnace) or in line (in-line furnace). Annealing is intended to return to the wire its ductility which it had lost during drawing. The wire is usually stored in coils or spools of a varying weights and dimensions depending on the purposes of use. The product does not usually have any type of protective coating, paper or plastic.

We offer a wide range of forms for annealed wires, typically coil wire, reel wire, big package wire ( a single wire coiled into a big package with a maximum weight of 500kg), cut wire and U type wire. Common sizes: 2.00mm-6.00mm.

Major Forms of Supply: In continuous coil wire or straightening cut wire.

We offer the following popular wire products for export with specifications.

Black annealed baling wire coils:
Q195 0,06% CARBON / BWG 18, 1kg/roll
0,010KG/Meter / TOLERANCE: +/-2%

Black annealed baling wire, oiled, Rm=320-400 N/mm2, in rosette coils of 500 kg;
d=3,1 mm. 22 To (one FCL)
d=3,4 mm. 22 To (one FCL)

MS (mild steel) annealed wire straightening cut tie wire:

MS Binding Wire - Annealed (Dull Grey Color)
Size: 3.00 mm
UTS: 36 - 42 Kg/sq.mm
Condition: Annealed (Soft)
Cutting length:2 mtr (straightening)

Black annealed wire. Quality: SAE 1006-1010 for Peru:
Diameter 1,65mm, one 20' container. 24 T
40 kg/mm2;
Standard packing, no plastic cover needed.

To India:
1.6mm Black Annealed Binding Wire,
black annealed wire Diam 1,2 mm,
22# gauge.

Black annealed wire to Turkey:
Tensile strenght: max 420 N/mm2
Coil weight: In coils of 25 kgs(+/- 1 kg)

1.4mm, black annealed Tying wire in 12kg Rolls (hessian wrapped) to England

Black annealed binding wire 18 gauge to India

Coil Wire for Bagging

Soft Steel Bar Ties

Big Package Black Annealed Tying Wire

Soft Binding Wire

Double Loop Tying Wire


Quick Link Cotton Bale Ties Treated with Soft Annealing

General Specifications of Annealed Wire:

Gauge SWG in mm BWG in mm In Metric system mm
8# 4.06 4.19 4.00
9# 3.66 3.76 3.80
10# 3.25 3.40 3.50
11# 2.95 3.05 3.00
12# 2.64 2.77 2.80
13# 2.34 2.41 2.50
14# 2.03 2.11 2.10
15# 1.83 1.83 1.80
16# 1.63 1.65 1.65
17# 1.42 1.47 1.40
18# 1.22 1.25 1.20
19# 1.02 1.07 1.00
20# 0.91 0.89 0.90
21# 0.81 0.813 0.80
22# 0.71 0.711 0.70