Wire Finishes /Processing and Surface Treatment of Wire Ties

Aimlong supplies metal wires with complete finishes of materials. Galvanised ( both electro galvanized and hot dipped zinc plated ), black iron oiled, oxygen free annealed, pvc ( or PE ) coated, vinyl coated, enamelled painted treatment are available for our baling and tying wire products.


Electro Galvanised Mild Steel Coils
Galvanized Steel Wire, Cold Galvanised
Galvanised Wire with Heavy Zinc Plating Offering Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire, Heavy Zinc Plated, Better Property Compared with Electro Galvanized Wire
Oiled Rust-Resistant Black Wire
Black Iron Wire, Economic Iron Wire Material with Oil Painted Rust Resisting Surface Treatment
Soft Annealed Wire
Black Annealed Wire: Soft annealing treatment enables the wire good deforming and flexibility suitable for tying and binding uses.
Green PVC Coated Wire
Plastic Coated Iron Wire, with PVC or PE Coating.