Cut to Length and Looped Baling Tie Wire for Bale Tying and Construction Binding

Aimlong supplies cut and looped baling wires in lengths ranging from 3" to 24". Finishes options applied for cut wire and looped baling wire include: Black annealed, copper coated, galvanized zinc plated and PVC coated. Customers can choose according to specific uses. Suitable for various mill size balers, vertical & horizontal, binding up construction materials or other items. Loops can be fabricated from one side of the wire or both side, called single looped and double looped wire seperately.

The steel wires can be processed into straightened cut-to-length form and cut loop ties. Finishes can be oiled or not oiled. Applied mainly for general baling and rebar ties in constructions. Popular products include galvanized iron cut baling wire and black annealed double looped bale ties introduced below.

Galvanized Iron Cut to Length Baling Wire:
Straightened cut baling wire is available in different wire diameters and lengths. Pre Cut Galvanised Baling Wire and Annealed Straight Cut Wire can be supplied in standard sizes suitable for all makes of mill size balers, vertical & horizontal.

Hot dipped galvanized iron baling wire cut to length has smooth surface with toughening treatment.
General Specifications:
Length: 250mm-700mm
Tensile strength: 300-1300N/mm2
Wire diameter: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.45mm, 1.5mm
Coated with anticorrosive zinc plating, hard to rust.
Galvanized iron wire straightened then cut into pieces of various length according to your requirement.
0.5kg-5kg/bundle/ plastic/weaving bag

Double Looped Black Annealed Baling Wire:
3mm x 14ft & 3mm x 18ft as popular sizes for export.
Specifications of Double Looped Baling Ties:

Double Loop Bale Ties
Finishes: Bright Galvanized, black annealed
Gauges: 14 ga. to 9 ga.
Lengths: 6 to 22 ft
Package: 125 and 250 wire/bundles


Product Photos Illustrations:

Straight Cut Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Double Looped Tying Wire


One Side Loop Construction Tying Wire


Pre-cut Galvanized Iron Bale Binding Wire


Baling Wire Packed for Export


Big Package Industrial Tie Wire