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Choose the Right Tie Wire Materials:100lb Large Coils Annealed Wire Slightly Oiled and Tied with Wire

Wire ties can be supplied of all materials: Annealed wire, black steel, galvanized wire, pvc coated wire or stainless steel wire.

Aimlong supplies bright annealed and black annealed iron wire ties for civil construction binding and agricultural products baling uses. Annealed wire is also called "burnt wire" due to the thermal annealing processing. Black annealed wire ties are the most popular tying wire with excellent softness, elongation and flexibility. This wire can be easily deformed into loop ties, straightened & cut wire, u type cut wire, quick link forms for versatile baling, bagging and rebar tying in buildings concrete construction.

The annealing of bare wire (wire which has simply been drawn) can be carried out in batches (bell-type furnace) or in line (in-line furnace). Annealing is intended to return to the wire its ductility which it had lost during drawing. The black annealed The product does not usually have any type of protective coating, paper or plastic. As tying wire, black annealed wire offers better tension and twisting force, compared with galvanized iron wire.

Black annealed wire is mainly processed into coil wire, spool wire or big package wire for fully automatic units and hand tying operation. Or further straightened and cut into cut wire, cut an bending U wire and cut and looped wire.

Galvanised iron wire coilsGalvanised iron wire, both electro galvanized and hot dipped galvanized, are hard basic wires offer bright shine, good tensile strength and good resistance to acid and alkaline corrosion and rusting. We also supply black steel wire non-galvanized baling wire coated by oil to become anti-rust.


Plastic (PVC / PE) coated binding wire is supplied where the tie wire needs further layer protection and enhanced corrosion, rust and aging resistance. Stainless steel tie wires are high grade wirewith excellent properties above all other materials at higher cost.

In general, annealed and galvanized iron tie wire cost less compared with stainless steel wire and pvc coated wire, and they are mostly used in construction, cotton baling, hay baling, agricultural and industrial uses. Stainless steel and plastic coated wire cost higher and are mostly used in garden, handicrafts making and other high grade binding uses.

Choose Wire Forms According to Specific Binding RequirementsExpanding Fibers Material Packing Wire


Quick Link Cotton Baling Wire
: Double looped quick link bale ties are designed for packaging all types of expanding fibrous materials, including cotton, synthetic fibre, wool, etc. Simply place the loop wire around the bales, snap the ends, then pull the loops and form a knot.

Double Looped Ties
Also known as Loop ties or bag ties. The loop ties have a loop at both ends, and are pliable and easy to twist. Just hook up the double loop at two ends of the loop tie with the help of a tool with hooks, then twist the wires in one direction. It is easy and simple to operate to achieve firm binding and sealing. Tying and baling work efficiency can be increased greatly with using of loop ties. Mainly used in binding bags, sacks, also garden tying.

Double Loop Tying Wire, Annealed and PVC Coated Optional

Annealed Iron Baling Wire with Twisted Hook Rebar Securing Tie Wire

Single Loop Wire Ties

Straightened and Pre-cut Tie Wire


Coiled Wire Ties for Balers Supplied in black annealed or galvanized iron wire. The straight cut wire to size is ready for versatile binding uses efficiently. Especially used in steel bar spacing forming in constructions due to the low cost of materials and ready-for-binding forms. Aimlong has automatic CNC wire straightening machine to cut the wire with small tolerance in length.


Coiled Baling Wire
Different weight can be supplied for continuous tying wire coils. The pre-cut and looped ties are mainly for manual mill size baling presses, while rewound wire coils are normally 40 kg weight per coils ( smaller or bigger according to order ) for baling use with fully automatic units. Big package tying wire can be packed up to one ton in size, mostly 50lb And 100lb Coils, lightly oiled & Wire Tied, suitable for large volume users.

Common Coil Iron Wire(Pick-Up Coil Wire)

Coil Iron Wire(Pick-Up Coil Wire)



Small Coil Iron Wire

Large Coil Iron Wire

Wire Diameter






Big Package Coils:

Bale Wire in 50lb And 100lb Coils, Lightly Oiled & Wire Tied






















Spooled Rebar TiesBaling Wire on Spools

Baling iron wire is used for the recycling of clothing, plastics, carton, paper, foam rubber and other compressible materials.

Spooled tie wire is available in different sizes around the spools.



Cut and Looped Baling Wire

Baling wire is supplied cutting into different length for uses convenience. Oiled or not oiled.
Cut tying wire can be processed into straightened cut form and cut loop ties. Cut and looped wire is available in different wire diameters and lengths.

Metallic Foil Covered and Paper Covered Twisted Ties

Twisted ties wrapped with metal or paper covers can protect hands for tying, as well can decorate the wire materials and the binding materials.

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The basic wire materials

The basic wire materials are Q195/Q235 low carbon mild steel wire with tensile strength ( T/S ) ranging from 350N-480N/mm2 or according to customers' requirements. The iron wire has options of finishes or processing treatment to achieve different properties for baling and binding uses: Annealed, Oiled painted black, electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, pvc coated or enamel painted.

About Aimlong Baling Wire Factory

Aimlong is a China professional manufacturer of wire ties for baling, bagging, packaging and secure tying uses. Full range of wire forms are supplied to meet versatile binding applications in construction, agriculture and various binding requirements. The tie wire has a specific name of "Baling Wire" when it is used for binding cottons, hay, wools and other agriculture products and big expanded volume products. Baling wire is also known as cotton bale ties due to its popular use in cottons. Major forms of tie wire include: Straightened & Pre-cut tying wire, U type bending wire, wire ties with single or double loops at end, quick link design baling ties, twisted ties, continuous coil round wire, etc.